Kalkan For Sale Villa
Kalkan town is a touristic holiday resort in the westernmost position of Antalya, connected to Kaş district. Kalkan, which is famous for its houses designed with white walls and very nice architecture, is the Greek fishing village known as Kalamaki until 1920's population exchange period. It is known that the Lycian Civilization lived in these regions approximately 3000 years ago. There are no city ruins in Kalkan and its surroundings, which are located between Antalya and Fethiye.
It is believed that Kalkan was founded by merchants who came to this land from a Greek island called Meis, which was close to 200 years ago. It is known that people coming from Elmalı - Gömbe - Bezirgan regions market their agricultural and forestry products in this port. In this context, it has always maintained its importance as a port. However, with the opening of the Antalya highway after 1970, maritime trade weakened and the status it had preserved ended. It could not regain the vitality gained in the surrounding districts with the effect of transportation difficulties for many years and its structure has been preserved.
In recent years, it has been the focus of attention of British tourists. In Kalkan, where the British advance in the first place and has a dense foreign population; you can see people of all nationalities. Despite this rapid development, according to the excess population, the part that Kalkan leans on, which is its own negative texture, has been preserved. When you swim in the sea in the town, what you will see is a stony sea. However, the beach in Patara, 13 km away, is an alternative with the shallow sea beach.
Kalkan For Sale Villa
In Kalkan, which has hosted many civilizations throughout history, the historical ruins left by civilizations have survived to the present day. In Kalkan, which fascinates people with its nature, you can find peace as well as have fun. Thanks to the villa options for sale in Kalkan, which has this magnificent nature and picturesque view, you can experience a peaceful and quality holiday opportunity with the villa you will buy in Kalkan. With Kalkan villa for sale, you can experience a unique holiday experience by combining the peaceful atmosphere of Kalkan with the comfort of your villa. You can relax by visiting this villa every year. With a selection of villas with pool for sale in Kalkan, you can always have a peaceful and fun holiday in one of the most beautiful resorts of Antalya. You can experience the perfect life you are looking for with private pool villas and summer houses for sale in Kalkan, which is one of the most exclusive accommodation options in Kalkan villa for sale with its very beautiful locations and designs prepared with every detail in mind.
Our portfolio of private pool villas and cottages for sale in Kalkan offers many options for those who want to live in this region. Antalya Kalkan is a very rich region in terms of villa options. Welcoming a lot of local and foreign tourists during the summer and winter seasons, Kalkan continues to be an indispensable alternative for villa life.
What is the reason why Kalkan villa purchase options are so in demand? The answer that can be given for this question; There may be blue flag beaches, natural beauties and historical riches. People who prefer to buy a villa for summer or winter vacation can have a pleasant and enjoyable holiday in the region. Others want to spend their whole year here.
You can have a summer holiday where you can feel all the natural beauties of Kas and Kalkan with the villa options for sale in Kalkan. Moreover, you can do this every year with the villa you buy. Everything has been designed for you to be comfortable in your own villa. By purchasing a villa from Kalkan, you can cool off in the garden, on your terrace, in the pool or have a barbecue. In addition, you should not forget that you will do these with a magnificent view. By purchasing a villa in Kalkan, you can live a peaceful and quiet life with your loved ones.

CONSERVATIVE HOLIDAY option has been the only holiday option chosen as a savior for the limited opportunities of our Muslim families living with Islamic rules. These families are generally directed to Conservative Hotel or Conservative holiday village concepts. Although they can reach the Sea - Sun - Pool facilities more easily in this way, the concept of holiday with family cannot be fully understood in such hotels or villages. Because there is a limitation in these institutions. Women and Men pools are separate. In this context, families may almost be torn apart and have to meet from night to night. This interrupts the concept of family vacation. At this point, the concept of Villa Vacation, which is another alternative form for families with a conservative understanding, comes into play. With your villa you will buy, life can be sustained with peace of mind every year. At the same time, there are many options in villas with fully protected pools. You can take a holiday together instead of a separate holiday
Conservative Holidays have been in high demand recently by families with children or conservative couples. Families or couples may not want to be disturbed by the environment when they come to their villa on holiday during the hot season. Only when they enter their private pool, they can easily benefit from the sun and pool facilities without worrying about the gaze of other people around. Lately, not only our conservative families, but also other people may want to take advantage of these comforts. They prefer conservative villa options for sale in Kalkan to benefit. These preferences are constantly being considered in order for themselves or their children to enter the pool comfortably. For these reasons, the sheltered villa options for sale in Kalkan are on the way of a sector that appeals to many segments.
New couples may want a villa where they can stay permanently instead of staying in apartments. In this case, it is very important for them to reach all the details about the villa they will choose. They constantly examine options such as garden, garden and pool.
Turkey's most important beaches known to the ownership of one of Patara, a vast expanse of sand is having a coastline. You can take unforgettable photos on the beach. You can also include your photographs of dunes and endangered sand lilacs in this area. It will be an unforgettable living space.
You will add a completely different texture to yourself, not only with its beach, but also with many historical monuments and ancient cities left by civilizations such as the Lycian civilization. As Patara is one of the most suitable destinations for villa holiday, Kalkan Patara demand for villas for sale is quite high. You can also look at our villa options for sale in Kalkan Patara and discover your holiday villa with the features you want in a short time.
It is located in a place near Yeşilköy town of Kaş district of Antalya city and it is an area that cannot be established because it is within the protection area. Fırnaz Bay is also known as Mugar Kürü.
In order for you to reach by land, after passing 4 kilometers from Kalkan in the direction of Kaş - Kalkan, the road separation before arriving at Yeşilköy town center is used. Since the region is under protection, the road separation for the highway is not asphalt. Therefore, you can reach the uniquely beautiful bay right after a careful journey.
There are many people who want to buy a villa in such a hidden and natural beauty area. You can visit our VILLAHOMESANTALYA website for our villa options for sale in Kalkan Fırnaz bay and you can have the chance to discover the undiscovered beauties!