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Places You Must Visit When Coming to Ölüdeniz
 There are countless places to visit in Ölüdeniz, which carries precious natural and historical beauties like a necklace. However, we will try to convey them to you as soon as we can.
1) Ölüdeniz Nature Park
 Don't die without exploring, this uniquely beautiful nature park is at the top of our list. Since 1978 this beauty has been declared a national park. It is a candidate to be the favorite place of nature lovers in Ölüdeniz. You will not understand how time passes in this region where you can meet your various needs. You can also log in with your personal car.
2) Belcekız Beach
 This beach, which stands out as the landing point for paragliders, is an ideal place to dive into the blues of the Mediterranean. It is only useful to pay attention to skin juices. We should add that it is a little wavy. It is also a remarkable feature that this beach, which also has businesses for your various needs, stretches along a long strip.
3) Babadag
 Babadağ, which is 2000 meters high in Ölüdeniz, which hosts many natural beauties in its geography, attracts attention with its very imposing structure. This mountain, where you can experience paragliding, offers you panoramic views.
4) Lycian Way
This historical heritage, which is a remnant of the Lycian civilization established on this geography in ancient times, is known for its very long length. On this road, known as the longest walking route in our country, you can integrate with the historical texture for a long time. You will have the opportunity to pass through 19 ancient cities along this route.
 This ancient city, which is one of the human beauties of Ölüdeniz, has hosted the Lycian civilization. It is one of the natural beauties worth exploring.
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 Where Does The Name Of Ölüdeniz Come From?
 The name of Ölüdeniz has a story. According to the legend that has been told for many years, a sailor was caught in a storm in this region. Struggling to survive in the storm, the young man saw the sign on the rocks and approached it helpless. The young man who gave the sign was a beautiful girl and the region where he was found was calm and calm. Throughout the young years, he visited the girl every time he came to visit. However, one day, as a result of a fight with his father, he fell into the sea and died. Seeing this, the young girl jumped on the rocks and committed suicide here.