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The neighborhood is located in Belek, Turkey is home to many of the world's most popular and high quality venues. Therefore, one of the first countries that come to mind when tourism is called Turkey. Turkey called on vacation when the first from the city of Antalya. Belek is the holiday destination of Antalya, which is a holiday paradise with beauty in every corner and has managed to attract thousands of tourists every year for a long time. Belek is a neighborhood in the Serik district of Antalya. As it is one of the breeding areas of caretta caretta turtles in Belek, it attracts the attention of people. Standing out with the meeting of history and nature, Belek is one of the destinations that should be included in your holiday plans. If the history of Belek is examined, it can be seen that this date goes back to before Christ. Although it is a neighborhood nowadays, it has a great importance in the past. It was first established in the 4th century BC, as a result of the researches made.
It is known as the most important settlement in the Hellenistic period and in this context, it is known to be under the auspices of the Roman Empire for a while. With the division of the Roman Empire into two, Serik Belek, which was dominated by Eastern Rome, in other words Byzantium, came under the rule of the Turks due to the political situations experienced later. It was conquered by the Seljuks and later entered under Ottoman protection.
During the summer months is one of Turkey's most popular tourist areas. Although Belek is the neighborhood of Antalya, it has become more popular than Antalya. Belek offers quality hotels and accommodation advantages for tourists. One of the things that make Belek special is its beaches. The holiday resort, which appreciates itself with its warm water and the beauty of the beaches, is also home to many historical places. With these features, it is a perfect holiday destination for individuals who love to travel. By creating a detailed travel guide for themselves, people can add natural and historical places other than beaches to their guide. It is known that the population in Belek doubles during the summer months compared to the surrounding provinces.

You can also own a villa in Belek with the options of Serik Belek Villas for Sale
Turkey is often preferred, one of the tourism centers in Belek, Antalya's Serik district depends. At the same time, this neighborhood is 40 kilometers from the city center. Belek is one of the most beautiful touristic centers of Antalya with its historical and natural texture. Belek; It is one of the places preferred by local and foreign tourists with its beaches, hotels, social contents and history. Belek, where you can have a nice and fun time with your loved ones, consists of two villages eight kilometers from each other. These villages are named Belek and Kadriye. At the same time, the modern theater, waterfall and the first mosque of the region in Belek are among the places that tourists want to choose. With its long and beautiful beach, modern hotels and rich sports activities, Belek is complete with history with Perge Ancient City and Aspendos theater. Those who want to have a holiday in Belek have the opportunity to spend a holiday in touch with nature by visiting the Kurşunlu Waterfall in this town.
Belek, which is a rich town with its historical structure, also has artifacts from ancient times to the present day. It offers a unique experience to those who want to have a holiday with its long coastline and famous beaches. There are summer villas for sale in the most beautiful locations of Belek, which is constantly developing in terms of tourism. Our villas for sale in Belek Kadriye and villas for sale in Belek Bogazkent are the best examples of these.
Guests who come to Belek on holiday take a holiday in a lush nature and among the sounds of birds. It fascinates itself with cultural trips and nature sports. The guests are accommodated in hotels, motels or villas for sale in Belek. Serik Belek villas and summer houses for sale have sea views with natural pine forests. Villas and summer houses for sale are by the sea and are located in forested areas. Villa options for sale with different features are offered according to the tastes and needs of all guests. In this context, guests can use the pool of the villa whenever they want, or they can cool off and sunbathe on the clean beaches.
Villas and cottages for sale in Belek; It has the number of bedrooms according to the needs of the guests. Inside the villa there is a spacious and sunny lounge, modern American kitchen and beautiful bathrooms. At the same time, villas with private gardens and swimming pools are new and well-maintained. In this context, your cleaning operations can be done very easily by cleaning the villa once a week and doing pool maintenance once a day. Luxury villas and summer houses for sale in Belek are designed in a modern and quality way. In the bedrooms, there are orthopedic and large beds, and there are comfortable modern furniture in the living room. The kitchens of the villas have the necessary free space and all the width you can be comfortable with. Modems are available in some villas for devices such as TVs, DVD players or satellite receivers. One of the biggest advantages of these villas is large balconies and terraces. There is a barbecue in the garden and a sun terrace by the pool. On the other hand, guests meet their meal needs in the villa or Belek restaurants.

Sheltered by the Conservative Villa for sale in Belek in Turkey Options Vacation Opportunity For You!
Apart from the many advantages it provides, you can visit the villas that are sheltered at any time and come from time to time. In the conservative villas and cottages for sale in Belek, which is very close to the sea, comfortable furniture is preferred so that you can enjoy the comfort of your home. From bedrooms to living room and garden furniture, you will have a joyful life and an experience away from stress, considering the smallest details.
Turkey's most beautiful locations, luxury villas await you as well as your body and your soul for people who want to keep away from your busy daily life. These unique villas with quite different details are ready to offer you, your guests, everything you need. Each villa is specially designed and you can be completely away from outside and unwanted glances in sheltered villas and cottages for sale in Belek. When you buy these villas, you can have the advantage of spending a special holiday only for you and your loved ones. With these villas, your privacy is at the forefront and allows you to spend time with peace of mind.
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Villa with pool for sale in Belek and private pool villa for sale in Belek
If you are in search of a villa for sale in Belek, you can check out villahomesantalya.com for villa with pool and summer options for sale in Belek. Belek villas for sale, which offer a large pool with or without a pool, in terms of room numbers and square meters, allow you to live flawlessly. This lifestyle you will spend in the luxury of a villa will be a completely different experience for you. You can enjoy the pool in your villa within walking distance to the sea, or leave yourself in the clean and cool waters of the Mediterranean in a short time. Thanks to the private pool villa options for sale in Belek, you can spend a very safe and comfortable life with privacy and privacy. If you wish, you can enjoy the nightlife by choosing a villa in the central location according to your wishes or you can spend peaceful days by purchasing a villa at a location relatively far from the city center. For other villa options for sale in Antalya, you can review our site and read the details.