Kemer owes its feature to being one of the best holiday resorts in our country to many small holiday resorts. Göynük is one of the most prominent of these towns. Göynük, which has luxurious holiday villas and the opportunity to do many activities, attracts the attention of tourists with different opportunities. While doing this, it benefits from its nature, historical places and luxurious holiday life. Getting a villa for sale in Kemer Göynük, where the deep blue sea meets each other, is now very easy with VillaHomesAntalya. If you are looking for a villa for sale in Goynuk, it will be enough to take a short tour on our site. There are also alternatives such as conservative villas for sale in Kemer and pool villas for sale in Kemer. Depending on the level of your luxury quest, you can also consider the option of private pool villa for sale in Kemer.
Natural Beauties in Goynuk
 Göynük in Antalya, which has a rich beach in terms of length, has also had its share. These beaches, which allow water sports and breathing in hot summer days, have the characteristics of blue beaches.
 Göynük Canyon is one of the natural beauties worth seeing. It satisfies those who desire trekking with its 4.6 km track. If the tourists want to cool off, there are ponds and coves in this canyon. In addition, it can give a different experience with the possibility of wiring over it. This natural beauty also provides a great advantage as it is within walking distance to Goynuk. You can experience the geographical shape of the canyon that we are not used to seeing in our country in Göynük and you may have had an unforgettable holiday.
 Tahtalı Mountain, located within the Beydağları, is among the alternatives that Göynük Nature will offer you. The longest cable car in the world awaits you, where you can ride the cable car over the valley. Here you can watch the sun rise into the sky and disappear on the horizon in the evening. In addition, you have the opportunity to do paragliding in the region.
 If you want to combine all these beauties with a luxury holiday, the options of villas with pool for sale in Kemer are on our site. There are also villas for sale with private swimming pools among the types of villas for sale in Kemer. Conservative villas for sale are among the ones you can choose.
 Human Historical Beauties in Goynuk
 Göynük, whose natural qualities we have mentioned above, is the center of attention of thousands of tourists every year with its human-made structures. One of the first examples that come to mind in this regard is the adventure park in the region. This experience that will increase your adrenaline level can give you unforgettable moments. Besides, Phaselis ruins and museum may be of interest to you. This area, established in a forested area, draws attention with its historical texture. This region has a history of about 2700 years. According to mythology, the god of this place was Athena. Athena is mentioned in the sources as the god of war and wisdom. It was in the Roman Empire until it was conquered by the Seljuks. Some ruins from the Roman period are still present in the area. Buildings similar to ancient theater fulfill the task of reflecting the historical texture with their vitality. You can get lost in this unique historical texture by buying a villa from here. The beaches around this ancient city show how well this city was established. Being flooded with visitors throughout the year, Phaselis is full of businesses where you can spend time and meet your needs. Because this ancient city is not the kind that can be consumed in a day.
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