Villa for sale in Kalkan Fırnaz bay
Before I talk about Fırnaz Bay of Kalkan, I would like to tell you about Kalkan. Kalkan is a town in the Kas district of Antalya. Throughout its history, it has hosted many civilizations from Hittites to Lydians, Romans to Ottomans. For this reason, it contains many historical places that can be visited. If the beauty of the nature and the sea is added to this, it can be called exactly "the place to live". The advantages of owning a villa for sale in Kalkan are countless. But we haven't even mentioned the most important beauties of Kalkan yet. Beaches! Patara Beach, Kaputaş beach, Big pebble beach, Harbor mouth, Fırnaz bay and blue cave. All of these beaches are different from each other and will make you experience the unique meeting of green and blue in a way you will never forget. Of course, you can also visit historical ancient cities such as Simena, Xanthos and Letoon and witness thousands of years of history.
In Kalkan, you can enjoy the sea and the sand on various beaches, or take boat tours, visit Kaleköy and the ancient sunken city. But if you are a person who does not like crowds and is special, do not worry. There are many options for you too. You can take a look at the conservative villas for sale in Kalkan. Thus, you can cool off in your own private pool and sunbathe with your loved ones.
Fırnaz Bay
Fırnaz Bay, which is connected to Yeşilköy town, is 4 km away from Kalkan. In order to reach this cove surrounded by slopes, it is necessary to leave the vehicle and walk for 20 25 minutes. Despite this, it is a very popular bay and it is generally crowded. The reason for this is that people prefer to come to this bay with yachts and boats. The bay, which can be reached by boat tours, still maintains its beauty and cleanliness. Still, if the crowd is not for you, you can check out the Firnaz cove villas for sale in Kalkan. Thus, after enjoying the clear waters with turquoise bottom, you can have a special time with your loved ones. All you need for this is to choose the villas for sale in Fırnaz Bay.
Well, what makes these villas so special?
You will appreciate that everyone's understanding of vacation is different. Some enjoy sunbathing and swimming in crowded beaches. He prefers crowded bars and restaurants. He is very happy to meet new people. Others like calmness and peace. He cannot be comfortable on crowded beaches as he cannot avoid the eyes. He wants to travel and spend special time with his family and loved ones. This is exactly what there are conservative villas for sale.
The most important point that these villas appeal to you is undoubtedly their private pool. You can easily cool off and sunbathe in your private pool in these villas, which are completely isolated from the surrounding area. The distances of the villas are very well arranged and you can be sure that no one can see you and your loved ones from the outside. Since the villas are sheltered, they offer you the opportunity to have a very different holiday. After visiting Kalkan and its various beaches, you can visit historical ancient cities and enjoy the sea by boat tours. But when you return to your villa, you will be left alone with your loved ones. You can chat and have a barbecue in your garden, cool off and sunbathe in the pool, and sleep in your comfortable bed at night. So you can have a versatile holiday for the first time in your life. If you want to travel and have a comfortable holiday in Kalkan, which is full of historical and natural beauties, conservative villas for sale are just for you. These villas, which are frequently preferred by those who want to have a quiet holiday and relax, are at the service of those who want to have a peaceful holiday. If you want to rest your soul and collect good memories with your loved ones in these natural beauties, we strongly recommend the Firnaz Bay villas for sale in Kalkan.