Fethiye Kayaköy For Sale Villa
The historical story of Kayaköy, which is 13 kilometers from Fethiye, is legendary. Kayaköy was named as Kramylassos in antiquity even before the Roman period. Looking at the historical sources, although it is seen that the first settlements were 3 thousand years ago, the oldest structure found in Karaköy belongs to the 4th century BC due to the existence of civilizations that destroyed ancient artifacts and structures and built their own structures.
Most of the buildings seen in Kayaköy were built in the late 1800s and early 1900s and were used by the citizens of the Ottoman Empire. An information we need to add for this topic; that the settlers are non-Muslim citizens. Although non-Muslims mostly lived in the Kayaköy region during the Ottoman Empire, it is also known that a small number of Turks lived. Turks were interested in farming and military service in this region, they worked as artisans with non-Muslim citizens.
Many tourists and citizens visit Kayaköy every year, which has a very comprehensive history. However, while some of them visit the abandoned stone houses, others visit these areas by taking touristic trips. Those who buy Villas for Sale in Fethiye Kayaköy spend their holidays here or continue their lives by moving to the region with this cultural structure. You can examine our villa alternatives for sale in Fethiye Kayaköy.
Conservative Villas for Sale in Fethiye Kayaköy
As a result of a great earthquake in 1957, the whole village was destroyed and it can only be visited as a touristic place due to the effects of the earthquake. Today, this region, which is referred to as an ancient city, attracts the attention of tourists. However, a new Kayaköy was established next to Kayaköy and turned into a holiday resort.
Conservative villas for sale people who want to stay away from the outside environment; They are villa types that are not disturbed in any way. It is certain that by purchasing a sheltered villa in Fethiye Kayaköy, you can live a comfortable life thanks to the long walls in your garden. In other words, by providing you with a private living space, you will be away from your neighbors and you will be able to sunbathe comfortably in your garden.
By purchasing a villa for sale in Kayakoy Fethiye, you can cool off in your private swimming pool. You can offer yourself a comfortable life in your sheltered villa for sale with your loved ones, even your pet. You can also come and use these alternatives at certain times. As we explained before, its biggest advantage is; providing a large or sufficient area for large groups. You can examine our villa alternatives for sale in Fethiye Kayaköy.
Things to Consider When Buying a Villa for Sale with Private Swimming Pool from Kayakoy
Before you buy a villa for sale with a private swimming pool and a conservative villa for sale;
• Check the length of fences or walls if you don't want to be visible in your garden.
• The terrace or balcony of your neighboring villas should be such that they cannot see your villa.
• There should be no holes or openings in your fences or walls. If it happens; you cannot be comfortable in your own living space.
• If neighboring villas are close and you are not visible in any way, there is no problem. However, your gardens may be adjacent, so it may be better for you not to let your voice go to your neighboring villa.
Things You Need To Know About Fethiye Kayaköy Settlement Area
If we add a total of 400 residences, two churches and chapels interspersed between the neighborhoods, a customs building and a school building, the list will be complete since the period when the Greek part lived as ruins in the Kayaköy region.
Kayaköy, which is very important as a touristic area, has luxury villas for sale suitable for every need and taste. When you examine the villas, it is possible to see the details of each villa in the advertisements. In addition, we have brought together the features for you. Each of the villas for sale in Fethiye systematically overlooks the plain from the front and the mountain from the rear. However, some villas or residences have been built in different areas. You can contact us by visiting VillaHomesAntalya site or you can review our postings.